What is SciJinks?

SciJinks is all about weather! Short for Science Hijinks, we are a joint NOAA and NASA educational website that puts fun and adventure into learning about weather, satellite meteorology, and Earth science. We are geared toward middle- and high-school aged kids and their educators.

We’ve got informative articles that answer important questions about weather, timely stories about weather in the news, profiles of fun weather jobs, mobile and web games about satellites and technology, exciting videos, and tons of downloadable content.

We’ve also got a great cast of character’s getting into their share of SciJinks themselves. You can follow their tales as they get into all sorts of mischief. Check back regularly to see what they are up to!

Meet the Cast:

Theo is a curious, adventurous kid with a knack for science projects. He is a bit too cavalier when it comes to his own safety, though. He is all about learning new things and checking out cool weather phenomena, but sometimes he needs help getting out of some dangerous situations.

Bill is a groundhog. He serves as ground control for Theo and his curious companions as they get themselves into some serious SciJinks. He shares his considerable knowledge about weather and about Earth, but rarely ventures into ‘the field’—he’s a big fan of his desk job. He’s a pretty even-tempered guy. That is, of course, unless it’s Groundhog Day!

Bot-A Bing
Theo built it out of old, recycled computer parts and a trash can. They are best buds and typically go on adventures together. Whatever Theo does, Bot-A Bing does. Usually, the team calls it BB for short.

Stay Tuned for More SciJinks!